Ep. 39 – Carrie Eben on Intellectual Virtues, Assessment, and Poetic Knowledge

This is Episode 39 of the Consortium Podcast, an academic audio blog sponsored by Kepler Education.

In this episode, Scott Postma talks with Carrie Eben, a classical educator and the founding consultant at Classical Eben. Carrie was introduced to classical education and Douglas Wilson’s book Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning in 1999 when she began working at St. Augustine’s Classical School in Tulsa. Since then, she has provided a classical education for her children in both private, classical schools (where she taught) and classical homeschool. She joined Classical Conversations in 2010 as an Essentials of the English Language tutor in Keller, Texas and has served in many other leadership and teaching capacities. Today she serves on the board of Sager Classical Academy, a classical Christian school in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Carrie holds a BSEd degree from John Brown University and MSEd from Oklahoma State University and is currently pursuing doctoral studies at Faulkner University.

Together with Dr. Albert Cheng, director of the Classical Education Research Lab at the University of Arkansas, Carrie has a research article forthcoming in The Consortium Journal, “Assessing the Pedagogical Power of Poetry for Poetic Knowledge.”

In the podcast, Carrie mentioned the book, Deep in Thought: A Practical Guide to Teaching for Intellectual Virtues.

Learn more about our sponsor, Kepler Education, and how this consortium of classical Christian educators is helping families connect with some of the top teachers in classical Christian education.

Scott served as a minister for 20 years and as a Christian educator for 25 years. He earned degrees in the humanities (Ph.D. [ABD], Faulkner University), classical studies (M.A.C.C.S., Knox Theological Seminary), religion and English literature (B.S., Liberty University), and creative writing (A.A., College of Southern Nevada). He also earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in theology from a former denominational institution back in the day.

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